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It’s been a rather productive week. The lab is abuzz now that my advisor is back. I’ve been contacting folks across the country for my upcoming PacNW visit and it’s looking good! My station sampling is winding down as I run the second to last set of samples today and finish them tomorrow! I have a meeting this afternoon so after that I’ll have a better idea if I have to rerun any of the samples and what to tackle next.

Some things on my list to determine:

  1. Method for reviving isolations (thawing, media, growth & light conditions)
  2. How to measure CO2 incubations (just counts?)
  3. Which populations to separate and include (how to do this by bead standards)

I’m not thrilled about using WINMDI to process the data but unless I can book more time on the fcm to use the cellquest program, it looks that that is my choice.  Winmdi has a quirky way of freezing up when you are doing multiple tasks such as copying a dot plot into a print window. I can’t exactly recall how to save individual plots either.  This will be necessary for writing and presentations.  I think it’s as simple as edit–>copy—>paste in a print window or presentation, but I’ll have to check the plot quality before I go and stick it in a ppt file.

More after my meeting today.

Biking in from Yarmouth


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