data processing update

Station 01001
file date: 062309
I’ve been going through my files (slowly) to figure out what type of picoplankton populations are in the profiles. The results so far are pretty exciting, there are definitely Procholorococcus cells in the earlier samples. I don’t have a cut-off station yet, but that will be the next part of the analysis. Once all the unstained populations have been calculated, I will begin the next phase of analysis to determine the HB.

Here is an example of my analysis results using the cytowin software:

Prochlorococcus pop4 (blue)

Prochlorococcus pop4 (blue)

I have been trying to be consistent about the analysis so that it’s easy to determine when a population occurs – ie: there is an order to the regions that I select. Since there are only 5 depths to go through, it goes rather quickly. The tedious part of the analysis is the spreadsheet work.

I’ve been trying to reduce my carbon intake by doing the majority of my analysis at home on my laptop so these days I’ve had to make more effort to bike a loop around home. Today I encountered more construction along my route and had to turn around!


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