Unstained analysis completed

As of today, I’ve finally completed the analysis of unstained flow cytometric data from the COPAS08 cruise! Now the data that is in an exported text file must be imported into a spreadsheet, calculated and plotted for each station and depth. This becomes the art and craft of managing information and using computer software to project the information such that it makes sense! To complete the analysis, I intend to also delineate the heterotrophic fraction of the picoplankton population from the stained samples. This is effectively going through all the data analysis again. It will make much more sense now that I’ve completed the first set of unstained samples and will already have the information in spreadsheet form.

So, that’s a milestone in my project so far. Here’s a personal list for me as to the things I’ve accomplished this year:
– completed second semester of coursework
– submitted my written thesis proposal
– presented preliminary results at spring research conference
– presented thesis proposal to biology department and students
– conquered my fear of speaking and gained a lot of practice in front of others
– conducted a preliminary stain experiment prior to running samples
– ran all my cruise samples on the flow cytometer (fcm)
– learned how to comfortable handle fcm
– post-processed all my unstained sample data

– met with professors at 2 graduate schools for doctoral programs
– started process of application to school and for fellowships


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