exploratory data analysis

I’m in the exploratory data analysis phase of my project at the moment. Before I move on and start processing some incubation samples from the cruise, I’m working with the data set I have now and trying to find trends in the results. As our biostats professor went over the exploratory data analysis section in our last chapter, I concluded that this was what I was doing.

Here’s a couple of plots from the work so far:

copas08_stations_temp_scatterThis is a very obvious plot – temperature versus depth of the stations that we sampled across the latitude.  In fact, Lisa and I spent a bit of time discussing the region in between the group of stations on the far right side of the plot and those on the left. It appears to both of us that there is an intermediate water mass between the two – either as a result of something like the Brazil current or another water feature.  As the latitude increases, the temp. decreases.

I also have nutrient  data from the cruise which I have to sort through and plot against my different populations. That will also be helpful  in identifying different water properties.  Now I will have to turn my attention on the literature and read up a bit about the circulation patterns in that area so I can correlate that with the different nutrient regimes that we might see.

So the next step is to run the samples flow cytometrically from the CO2 incubation experiment. These will be interesting. I’ll have to get my reagents up and running again to do work on the flow. I’ll have to spend some time in the lab next week and figure that out. Once I’m set up it doesn’t take that much time to run them.

– that’s all for now from the land of data analysis…


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