December update on research

As you can imagine, December in the life of a student brings to mind final exams and other deadlines associated with the end of a semester. It’s been busy to say the least! Our lab is gearing up for a few experiments in the next couple of weeks which will resolve some questions about Phosphorus uptake by various strains of cyanobacteria. This is not related to work that I am doing, however, it will be interesting to participate in this process. In the meantime, my work continues. Here’s some updates on what I’ve done:

– finished data analysis for 27 stations
– calculated HB stained populations
– plotted with ODV
I finally figured out how to put overlays on the various population plots. It’s been a learning process all along the way, but I’m at the point where moving through data files in ODV and generating plots for every parameter is very smooth.

In other news, I’ve been invited to give an oral presentation at the AGU Ocean Sciences meeting in February, 2010 so I’m starting to look at the results and putting together my talk for that. Here’s a temperature contour plot across a specific section of the cruise. This is a total of 5 stations in section A.


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