Spring 2010 update

Here’s a summary of my recent work that I’ve neglected to post. I have had a very productive spring semester so far but it’s not over until graduation in May. I am in the process of writing my draft thesis for review and then things will get interesting.

February – presented oral talk at the AGU Ocean Sciences Conference in Portland, Oregon.  This work highlighted the results of our picoplankton analysis from the COPAS08 cruise.  I enjoyed the oral presentation format much more than a poster because it was the first time I had presented at such a large conference. Although it was not without a good amount of preparation, it went well and I was pleased with how it came across.  It is quite difficult to summarize results in a 10 minute format and some people are better at it than others! I saw lots of familiar faces and met some new ones.  It was a very worthwhile conference and I look forward to participating to others in the future.

March – Finished running SRP (soluble reactive phosphorous) samples from the AMP1C experiment that I participated in during December and into January with the Moore lab. We decided that our spectrophotometer was not sensitive enough, so I ended up using a different instrument in the biochemistry lab.  This also resulted in needing a finer range of standards so that was a few extra days of calculations and preparation.  All in all, the results were much better using the more sensitive instrument and I’m happy that I spent the time re-doing the standard curve.  It can be time consuming, but it is good practice for future experiments.

Thesis update: I’m behind on this… no surprise here! I set myself a personal goal of submitting the draft to my advisor for March 19th. I think this is still possible, but it means that the next week is all thesis all the time. For some reason I put off analyzing the results of the CO2 carboy experiments and had to tackle that this week while also finishing up the SRP samples. The analysis has been completed, it’s just the process of transforming the data into concentrations that needs to take place. This is a careful process of inputting the information into a spreadsheet and then plotting it up. I know how I’d like to present the data, it just has to be done.

Once that’s been done, I need to write the results and complete the discussion section.  I’ve had a few inquiries as to whether I’d publish this or not.  I believe that would depend on whether or not the results of the qPCR analysis (now in progress) would establish any new insight into the cyanobacterial populations in this region.  In collaboration with others, publishing may occur at some point.


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