using R for time-series analysis

Today is a working R day.  In translation that equates to exercises or routines in R so that I can familiarize myself with how to handle data files, organization and analysis using this software program.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with using R, perhaps this will help you.  If not, then that makes two of us! I’m just kidding.  R is a very powerful tool that I’ve only just started using.  I anticipate that the next few months will be a steep learning curve as I accelerate towards my analysis.  Be patient and curious at the same time, do not hesitate to ask me questions and hopefully we can engage in a learning dialogue!

> library ()

>source(“script name.r”)

In order to use the script functionality, I need to install some additional packages.  This is easy! Using the CRAN mirror you can access a wide variety of custom packages that have been written for specific applications. 

Take a look at the list!  

for the purpose of today’s exercise, I will be using an established set of time-series coordinates to execute a map file. I am specifically interested in creating a map for the Bay of Naples however there are other locations included.  I can also accomplish this task in a program such as ODV with the MEDAtlas dataset, however the point is to use R!

packages needed:

  • maps
  • mapproj

So now that I’ve downloaded the packages, I will install and create a map!

Credits: Damien Eloire: “List and Notice of R scripts” in Analysis and Comparison of Plankton Time-Series, PhD thesis.


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