Yes, it’s true, there are other people just as fantatical about R. 

I present to you  R-bloggers

So, today’s goal is moRe and moRe R! I have so many new software programs to work through that my small machine is starting to belch. I’m looking forward to a new computer on it’s way. Although, that inevitably means the transfer and installation of duplicate programs on both systems to provide working options at home and office! Ah, always the period of time to establish everything at operational capacity. I’m very happy that the next phase of my research is this level of data analysis and statistical exploration.

I’m still following the tutorial on time series analysis very graciously provided through the thesis of a former student.  I hope to extend this exercise with subsequent collaborations and workshops. It was my hope this past summer to initiate interest and fruitful conversation about using R with a younger audience while I was at the Shoals Marine Lab, but it was haphazardly organized and perhaps a bit ahead of it’s time.  A short presentation of R makes the assumption that everyone has a working need for this type of software and at least the fundamental background in statistics.  Happy New year! Here’s to more data analysis in 2011.


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