ripple effect

ripple effect

It’s a new year! This marks the second year of research blogging. I began my efforts mid-way through my master’s degree at the height of my experimental work. One might think that would be the worst time in the world to begin a blog and dedicate one’s time and efforts to writing.  In fact, that was the best thing I could have done at the time to stimulate my creative writing efforts.  I’ve enjoyed being here on wordpress and I think that the ripple effect is an apt way to describe your small impact on the world.  At times (especially as a graduate student) one could feel as though their contributions were trivial.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each day we wake up, we have another chance to set an example, change things, and reflect on how to improve ourselves.  As a scientist, I am constantly testing the waters, looking for opportunities that will challenge me to think and take action to solve problems.  This is a dynamic time to be a scientist! Here’s to a great new year.


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