Stirring Up a Bloom off Patagonia

Stirring Up a Bloom off Patagonia : Image of the Day.

From NASA’s ocean color satellite images is a gorgeous MODIS view of the Patagonian shelf break region.  The picoplankton community analysis I conducted as part of my Master’s thesis was from samples taken during the COPAS08 cruise cited in Painter’s article.  The satellite resolution has improved so that it’s possible to detect broad taxonomic groupings from the ocean color algorithms.  I follow this region of the SW Atlantic since my participation in this cruise out of scientific interest.  I hope that future analysis of the picophytoplankton samples through molecular probing leads to some interesting results.

Painter, S.C., et al (2010). The COPAS’08 expedition to the Patagonian Shelf: Physical and environmental conditions during the 2008 coccolithophore bloom. Continental Shelf Research, 30 (18), 1907-1923.


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