concept map (rough)

This is what I started with:



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2 responses to “concept map (rough)”

  1. Lynn says :

    Hi! Came across your blog through ResearchBlogging and started clicking around. I used to work with the PAL/CCE LTER sites as a part-time information manager and part-time data analyst for our biogeochem group. I have a new position now working purely in data, but got all nostalgic reading your blog! 🙂 In any case, just wanted to say that I think your mix of domains, data, location, project, specific measurements and large-scale relationships is really interesting here… I would love to know how you shifted from your first draft to the second!


  2. hawright says :

    Thanks, in truth, it had been many years since I tried a concept map. Not only was there a great leap from my previous research focus to what I tackle now, but this concept map needed scaling for a simple powerpoint slide. Therefore, it is still unfinished in my opinion!

    The transition to the second draft was purely to simplify and illustrate the “deliverables” if you will. In the end, the point of this type of research is not purely observational as it may begin, but rather hypothesis driven to test the observed relationships and develop models to explain the complexity.

    Now you have reminded me that it’s time to revisit the concept map but for each topic. More to come!


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