going with the flow

Today is Saturday/Sabato!  In a non-grad school world it might involve sleeping late (oh wait, I already did) and enjoying a leisurely day at the market (oh wait, I will do that on my walk to the lab) and then sitting in front of a computer for the rest of the day (yes, that is true).  However, somehow it seems that despite my efforts to avoid enjoyment, it is still possible! The transition to living abroad for my doctoral program has been a welcome change of pace from my previous life.  It is truly satisfying to wake up every day and just walk out the door without having to drive somewhere.  I will never miss that aspect of my former routine.

I’ve talked with other students about this “routine” in the past. As a grad student, you are really training yourself for being a professional scientist. It is an honor and responsibility that I enjoy but also take seriously.  I believe that to apply oneself fully as a student, you have to approach it as though you are not a student.  You are a researcher in training, you are undergoing a lengthy job training for your dream job in the future.  The results of this effort take a lifetime to accumulate (or so it seems) and the data comes just as slowly.  I suspect in the future when you manage a research lab and have students and technicians working with you, then the data might come more rapidly!

For now, many things progress at a snail’s pace punctuated by bursts of eureka moments. It is important to maintain a slow and steady pace as the saying goes so that you can acquire understanding for your own needs. I am content with the progress so far, but I will keep moving forward.


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