Tips for sharing science through writing and blogging

On the subject of writing and blogging, I came across a helpful link entitled “how to write a good research blog post”. Follow the link. The points for consideration are described in clear detail and provide some guidelines for how to think about blogging. When I write, it’s usually because the topic is something I’m reading or working on, but as my level of knowledge accumulates, then I use writing as a form of expressive outreach to transmit my understanding and share my interest in the subject. Often, I consider blogging as an excellent platform to reach a wide variety of people, but in truth I have to wonder if the information is only being read by those in related science fields.

I’m fairly new to research blogging, though I have been writing in this blog for a while. I began considering research blogging after reading Small Things Considered. What a wonderful science-related blog filled with well written posts on interesting topics. Although the list of points on constructing a meaningful blog post are helpful, reading through some of the posts and guest contributions in Small Things Considered is a good way to get a feel for the style. Still interested in blogging about science? Keep reading the literature in your field and if you stay on top of an interesting subject, then just write about it!

Happy blogging!


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