2010-2013 Long term patterns of plankton phenology at a coastal Mediterranean time series station LTER-MC  Project link 

Collaborators: M.G. Mazzocchi, A. Zingone – Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, P.C. Reid – SAHFOS

 I identified the temporal patterns of plankton phenology at a shallow, coastal time series station. Using a species-specific approach. Different phenological metrics were applied to index the timing of plankton populations within seasons and over the long term. The primary aim of this work was to identify long term patterns of phenology and address whether certain environmental factors are driving any observed changes. The ecological station MareChiara is situated in the Gulf of Naples just 2km outside of the densely populated city of Naples, Italy. Since 2005, the time series has been part of the international Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) network and is part of several i-LTER sites in Italy.

2008-2010 Biogeographical analysis of picoplankton populations across the Patagonian shelf break during austral summer Project link

Collaborators: Dr. Lisa R. Moore -University of Southern Maine, Dr. William Balch – Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

This work focused on the spatial distribution patterns of the dominant cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus and heterotrophic bacterial populations along a continental shelf gradient in the Southern Ocean. Using flow cytometry, I quantified different populations along a series of cross-shelf gradients. The results of this work confirmed that there are consistent patterns of geographic distribution in marine cyanobacteria and strong relationships with temperature and oceanographic water masses in this region. Work is ongoing to elucidate the correlations between spatial distribution patterns observed and known in other regions of the world. Manuscript in preparation.

2010 Shoals Marine Lab – Gulf of Maine Ecosystem Educational Research Project Project link

Collaborators: Fluid Imaging Technologies, Dr. Ian Hewson – Shoals Marine Lab

In collaboration with the Dr. Ian Hewson of the University of Cornell, Shoals Marine Lab and Fluid Imaging in Yarmouth, ME. I acquired a short term research loan to utilize a FLOWCAM for educational and research activities during the summer of 2010.  The FLOWCAM was used in conjunction with ongoing undergraduate courses and in a pilot project to study nutrient dynamics along a coastal transect between Portsmouth, NH and Appledore Island, ME.

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